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Are You Craving Your Favorite Frozen Coffee Drink While In Social Isolation?

It's not going to replace those froo-froo coffee drinks some of you like, but here's a frozen coffee drink you can make at home until we are allowed to be social again.

I urge you to begin by ordering an excellent coffee from your favorite local roaster. I use Rio Rio from Pier 13 Coffee because it lends itself particularly well to this recipe. It is a darker roast (not normally what I go for but that's a testament to the roaster's skill here) and it makes a heck of a good cup of joe using the French press.

You can brew whatever coffee you have, whatever method you prefer, but just make sure you brew it DOUBLE STRENGTH. The better the coffee, the better the finished product will be.

A small amount of planning ahead is required, because after your brew has cooled to room temp, you need to pop it in the refrigerator to become actually COLD.

I use whole milk to make my drink as it is a very rare indulgence for me. I imagine it would taste fine (if not as creamy) with whatever milk you normally choose to use (coconut, almond, lowfat, oat, etc...). Any sort of sweetener will work here as well (simple syrup, granulated sugar, honey, sugar in the raw, stevia, etc). I use granulated sugar. The next ingredient is chocolate syrup. Again, any brand will do. (See how forgiving the kitchen can be?) I choose Nesquik because it does not contain high fructose corn syrup (which is something I avoid). And of course, you need ice. Cubes work fine in my drink machine (I have a Ninja) but if your old blender struggles with cubes, crush them up. You can pop them in a ziploc and use a rolling pin to smack them into chips. (This can also be a form of stress relief!)

Put everything in the blender jar and turn that puppy on, your froo-froo coffee fix is moments away! You're welcome! ~ Chef Kel

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