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Chef in kitchen

I am a personal chef with a degree in culinary management and a ServSafe Food Protection Manager certification. I've been many things in my life but always I have been a cook. I started out my adult life as an Air Force officer and electrical engineer, married my wonderful spouse, and brought three incredible children into this world. I homeschooled the three of them all the way through high school and then went back to school myself for the sheer joy of it. Culinary school was an incredible experience for me. I thought I knew how to cook, but I learned a great deal about technique and flavor and creativity and adaptability. I loved every minute of it and made lasting friendships. After graduating, I cast about for a way that I could share with others - a way I could make a difference. Kel's Kitchen is the result.

Kel's Kitchen has always existed in one form or another. It existed in spirit when I was cooking for family, or experimenting with recipes and techniques and trying out the results on my friends. It existed as I taught my children and my friends kitchen skills, led teen cooking classes, and mentored younger classmates at culinary school. Now Kel's Kitchen exists as my small business. 

I hope that you can find a way to connect with Kel's Kitchen whether by attending a class, using the services I provide as a private chef, or gaining knowledge from the content found on my website. And I hope that this connection will give you joy.

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