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Cooking Classes
for everyone

Upcoming Kid Class Topics
(subject to ingredient availability)

Petit Chef for age 3-5

Oct 6 ~ chocolate chip banana bites

Oct 20 ~ pumpkin cookies

Cooking Explorers for age 5-7

Oct 3 ~ old fashioned rolled biscuits

Oct 31 ~ pumkin cheesecake muffins

PSJCC Culinary Kids for age 8+

Oct 4 ~ corn chowder

Oct 18 ~ pumpkin tartlets

TFAI Culinary Kids for age 8+

Oct 3 ~ cheesy oven fries

Oct 31 ~ pumpkin scones

See Local Classes tab for adult and family classes

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"My desire is to share my joy of cooking with you. I want to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to tackle exciting new things in the world of food."

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